About Us

What is 2nd Base Foundation?

2nd Base Foundation is a non profit organization which we have founded to provide a Camp for “At Risk” and “Underprivileged” children.

What are “At Risk” children.

Children usually within the ages of 10 – 14, who you will find in all our communities, but due to environment, economic setting, or dysfunctional home life, they are susceptible to the pitfalls of society, and become vulnerable to drug or alcohol use, or behavior which results in Juvenile court or detention.

What is the 2nd Base Foundation plan to help these children?

Our plan is to provide them support and help them find the good things in life, and keep them engaged in productive learning and positive behavior development.

How do you intend to do this?

That’s the fun part! We will do this through a Sports and Wilderness camp adventure, and  follow up involvement in such programs as FCA, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers, and Church Youth groups.  At Camp, we will promote leadership and character building in a team focused setting.

Do you have this camp established?

Yes, we do. We have purchased 440 beautiful acres with rolling hills, scenic outlooks and hiking trails for the camp. And are now in the process of building the facilities for the program.

How are you funding this camp?

Through public donations, and fundraising events.  Mainly through the kind donations of people who are concerned for the future of our children.

Can you not receive government money for such a project?

We could, but we choose not to because this program must have a spiritual basis.  Therefore, we cannot accept government funds because of the separation of Church and State.

How will children be chosen to go to camp?

Through the assistance of Middle School Principals, Counselors, teachers, and Community leaders.

What will be the length of the camp program?

It will be a seven to ten day program during the summer months.  With weekend programs throughout the year to include the Boy & Girl Scouts, Big Brothers, and Church Youth Groups. The Boy & Girl Scouts are already using the camp.

How are you going to afford to staff this program?

With teachers, counselors and coaches who are willing to volunteer two weeks of their summer to our program, plus retired teacher volunteers.

Do you think you will get people to do that?

Oh yes! We already have a waiting list of volunteers.  There are many good people out there who are really concerned about our youth who are reaching their teen years unfocused and with  negative attitudes. And as you know, this can lead to the drug and gang cultures found within our society.

Has our present day society created “At Risk” children?

Unfortunately, our society has become a “Me” society, with its focus on money, wealth, and material things.  So many of our young people, through peer pressure, television, music, and Internet influence have become very misguided — and susceptible to all the influences that can destroy their lives.

Why is this work the direction and goal of 2nd Base Foundation?

Secondbase & reynard introduced Liteblue usps for collecting funds for their Non profit organisation.

Every child is important, and we are losing too many of them.  We must work to provide a path of hope and direction for our youth.  We must never forget that they are our future.   Our country needs leadership and strength of conviction taught to our children, and a return to traditional principles and values.  We are all very quick to complain about the crime and violence among our young people today. But as the old saying goes, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” and The 2nd Base Foundation is an excellent place to start.


The 2nd Base Foundation is a non-profit organization, incorporated and filed under charter in the State of Tennessee, and approved under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

It is devoted to assisting the growth and development of at risk and underprivileged children and youths without regard to race, religion, creed, ethnic origin, or economic status.

It is a camp program for at risk and underprivileged children. It is a program of intervention and support in an outdoor educational setting.

The Camp is located off I-40 West, at Waverly, Tennessee.

Carl  A. MacLeod

Dedicated to the memory of Patrick Carl Mark MacLeod

Activity Center Food Shelter
Activity Center Food Shelter – different view
Colorful painted tables in activity center
First bunkhouse constructed
First Bunkhouse (Clan House) Different View
Sign to weekend camping area
Camp Mascot Eyore
Donkey Barn and Storage Area

Three board members: Jo Hall – Jim Bradberry – Stu Phillips with
Charlie Daniels donated fiddle

Cleveland Pear Trees planted on campsite 2006